Big Data Cyber Security Architect Eddie Garcia Discusses Best Practices at 27 Jan Breakfast in DC

Eddie Garcia is regarded as one of the nation’s greatest Big Data security architects. At Gazzang he led engineering teams through successful fielding of secure hadoop deployments where security was provided without sacrificing performance. Now a security engineer with Cloudera, Eddie continues to work directly with clients from enterprises across multiple sectors of the economy. […]

Intel’s Presentation at CES: The Future is Here

Intel was a keynote at CES 2015. This video gives you a glance into the future. Technology is reaching a point where very little human interaction is needed. No longer will you need to find your keys to get into your house, or physically touch your computer to give it commands. Watch The Verge video […]

For Government Cyber Security Leaders and Big Data Designers: 27 Jan Breakfast To Share Design Patterns

Date: 27 Jan 2015 Time: 0730 till 1030 Location: Washington DC This is an invite-only event. To request an invite to this event please contact CTOvision publisher Bob Gourley. Eddie Garcia is regarded as one of the nation’s greatest Big Data security architects. At Gazzang he led engineering teams though successful fielding of secure hadoop […]

Examining New Mission-Focused Capabilities Coming From The Cloudera And Intel Engineering Partnership

The video at this link and embedded below captures the content and dialog of a webinar which examined new capabilities of Cloudera and Intel, with a focus on capabilities that provide a full stack solution to many key enterprise mission needs. The webinar included insights by Cloudera’s Senior Director of Technology Webster Mudge and Intel’s […]

Technologists From Intel, Cloudera and CTOvision Delve Into Big Data Designs 11 Dec 2014

On 11 Dec 2014 we will be providing a briefing on lessons extracted from our research into the new Cloudera and Intel partnership. This presentation is designed to arm architects with the information they need to efficiently modernize and deliver cost-saving, mission-supporting capabilities to their enterprise. This webinar format will enable us to dynamically present […]

A Computer in a Thumbdrive

Intel has created a Bay Trail Atom PC that is only 1.6 ounces. It is manufactured by Shenzen Apec Electronics and can be purchased on AliExpress for just under $125 (with shipping). The device does not come with OS, but you are able to load Windows, Linux, Android or other OS systems. It’s similar to Google’s […]