Zettaflop Supercomputers and Moore's Law

Intel’s Pat Gelsinger, a guy in a position to know and help drive Intel’s technology roadmap (he is Intel’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and SVP) spoke recently at the Intel Developers Forum where he gave a presentation called “From Petaflops to Milliwatts.”   In that presentation he described something we should all be glad to know, […]

The Future of the Grid: From Telecommunications to Cloud-Based Servers

There was once a time long long ago when telecommunications and computing were two different concepts.  That was the age when phone company operators manually switched calls and computers like ENIAC were programmed by patches and cables.  Since then the two fields have been on a convergence path.   The many advances in both fields since […]

Intel's Next Generation Chip Architecture

On 21 April 2009 Intel corporation held an “Intelligent Processors” event which highlighted Intel’s next generation chip architecture and the industry leading companies who are incorporating this technology into their products.   The event, pulled together by Nigel Ballard of Intel, included demos by companies like Endeca, Cisco, Cray, Dell, HP, Oracle, VMware, Microsoft and Sun.  […]

Discussion with Justin Rattner of Intel

This post is a follow-on to my previous report on the 21 April 2009 Xeon 5500 kickoff event hosted by Intel corporation (see: Intel’s New Chip ).   My previous post talked about the new “Intelligent Processors” being fielded by Intel.  With this post I want to provide a bit more information on a key presenter […]

Are Netbooks the Solution for You and Your Firm?

Looking for a new mobile solution for your firm’s IT needs? Do not fear, Netbooks are here, and they are more than capable.

What will your Laptop will look like in 2015?

CIO magazine recently published a great review of laptop technologies titled “Meet the Laptop You’l Use in 2015” (available here: article). With this post I’ll provide a review of that article and insert some thoughts from a technology early adopter and disruptive IT analyst.   First some concepts from the CIO Magazine article: The Slider Much […]