About ChrisScott

Chris Scott is an experienced department of defense enterprise technology professional and business executive with a long running track record of fielding proven technologies into large organizations. She interacts with senior DoD and IC officials and provides insights to our readers here. She publishes at CTOvision.com and DelphiBrief.com and the new analysis focused Analyst One

Seeking To Serve The Department of Defense With Technology? This Is A Must Read


If you are in a company that seeks to serve the Department of Defense (DoD) with technology or services you absolutely need to track the mission needs of the department. If you don’t you will have a very hard time expressing to decision-makers why they should consider your offering at all.  Tracking mission needs also […]

Insights Into DoD Mission Needs From Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work


The Honorable Robert O. Work, Deputy Secretary of Defense spoke at AFCEA WEST in San Diego on 10 February. This is the largest Navy/USMC forum and was well attended by key leaders this year. Secretary Work was convincing in his condemnation of sequestration, and how it will cripple the force readiness if not rescinded. A […]

Special Report on DoD Mission Needs


The “Pivot to the Pacific” or “rebalancing efforts” that the State Department is currently focused on will be of interest to anyone trying to do business in DoD. It is clear that resources are moving that way. Our senior analyst Chris Scott has produced a special recap of meetings she had with senior DoD leaders […]

SPAWAR Seeking Enabling Technologies for USN and DoD Missions


The annual C5ISR Summit in Charleston, SC turned out a record number of attendees (over 1200) this year. While many Defense Contractors are finding it hard to make money from this market, in part due to the reducing DoD Budget, SPAWAR System Center Atlantic’s scale-back of Non-Navy Work, and a locked-in, post-pillar (multi-year multiple award […]

U.S.-Japan Rebalancing


The United States and Japan just released their Interim Report on the Revision of the Guidelines for U.S. – Japan Defense Cooperation. Anyone who works U.S.-Japan interoperability issues (from policy to technology) will be interested in the language contained in the report, which is basically an action item from the last U.S. – Japan Security […]

Joint Strike Fighter: Tour of the new F-35B’s


Last week I was lucky enough to tour the new F-35B Training site at Marine Corps Aviation Squadron, Beaufort, South Carolina. I have been reading about the pros and cons of this new airframe for years, and with a price tag that continues to surpass all expectations, I was eager to see it “in the […]