Data Direct Networks: Massively Scalable Storage Made Simple

DDN provides the backbone for the world's most content-rich organizations whose requirements rival the limitless ambition that evolve the digital world. DDN is recognized by Gartner for its leadership in object storage and as a leader in scalable storage infrastructure.

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DataDirect Networks (DDN) is the world’s largest, privately-held, data storage infrastructure provider. With a unique and exacting focus on the requirements of today’s massive unstructured data generators, DDN has innovated a comprehensive product portfolio for Big Data applications which are optimized for the world’s most data-intensive environments, including: High Performance Computing, Life Science Research, Web & Cloud Content, Professional Media, Homeland Security, Intelligence and more.

In many ways, DDN has been mastering Big Data challenges before the term ‘Big Data’ was even invented. By supporting the requirements of the world’s largest file storage systems and demanding applications for over 10 years, DDN has developed both domain expertise and an unfair advantage in today’s new data explosion.

In partnership with a worldwide network of resellers and integrators, DDN is ideally positioned to capitalize on its first mover advantage in the Big Data age. As Big Data continues to become more prevalent and democratized across all industries, by businesses looking to capture, analyze and derive insights from new data generators, DDN will continue to enable organizations to maximize the value of information everywhere.

DDN | What we do

We provide storage array, file system and object storage appliances for the cloud to the world’s most data-intensive environments. These scalable and highly efficient storage solutions enable our customers to accelerate time to results, scale simply as data sets continue to grow and gain competitive advantage through resolving performance and capacity scaling challenges. By optimizing each element of the I/O environment for performance, capacity and data center efficiency – DDN solutions deliver the highest levels of ROI as businesses achieve more with purpose-built tools for data-intensive applications.

DDN | Why we win

Innovative Big Data Storage Platforms:

  • State-machine technology for leading performance efficiency
  • In-storage processing to host data-intensive applications
  • Tightly coupled file system appliances to scale-right with big data
  • Hyperscale NoFSTM cloud storage for content-intensive apps

Global, Customer & Application Focused Go-To-Market Model:

  • Worldwide Tier-1 integrators & application-specific VARs
  • End-user outreach to apply domain expertise & guide roadmap

Decade Long Vertical Market Focus:

  • Rapidly deploying and simplifying sophisticated architectures
  • Customer-first focus to ensure market repeatability

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