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Topics of Interest:

National Security:

What is Cyberwar?

CryptoCurrency and Blockchain:

What is CTO as a Service?

What should I know about blockchain?

What should I know about Ethereum?

Artificial Intelligence:

What artificial intelligence tools are really useful?

Tech At Work/Career:

How do I keep staff productivity up?

How can I have a career in data science?

What is my role in big data ethics?

Tech Selection:

How can I select a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)?

Protecting Your Information:

How can I stop ransomware?

How can I protect my information from Chinese IP theft?

How can our military use advanced technology smartly?

How can we improve cybersecurity?

For The Board Of Directors and C-Suite:

What Is The FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Tool?

What Cybersecurity Companies should I research?

How do I kick off market research?

How do I engage a CTO for Technology Due Diligence?

What should I tell the board about cybersecurity?

What should board members know about cybersecurity?

How do I start or scale my federal business?

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