5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Network Virtualization in Your Business

Every business has goals. One of the most important goals for a firm is to keep its current customers happy while at the same time reaching out to attract new customers. In doing all this, the business hopes to improve its market position and cut down on its cost of operations. Proper implementation of network […]

Your Enterprise has too many Cyber-ish People

Cyber has been called the ultimate team sport: CIOs, CTOs, SysAdmins, Software Developers, CISOs, threat teams, red teams, testing groups, etc. etc, but really should it be? It seems more like a jobs program that moves headcount from one part of the enterprise to the expensive nerdy-side. Sitting through a number of presentations at various […]

Palo Alto Networks: A Next Generation Firewall

Palo Alto Networks protects thousands of enterprise and governments from cyber threats. They rely on a deep expertise and commitment to innovation to continually enhance their game-changing security platform. The Palo Alto Networks security platform natively brings together all key network security functions, including advanced threat protection, firewall, IDS/IPS and URL filtering. Because these functions […]

5 Webapps to Add to Your Security Tool Arsenal

When you’re mobile, away from the office, or just caught off-guard without your tools and security setup, you need a way to analyze, assess, and interpret emerging threats on-the-fly.  That’s why these 5 free web applications are absolute must-haves for your Favorites Folder.   Site: http://urlquery.net/index.php Purpose: Visits URLs so you don’t have to. About: […]

HHS launches internal innovation incubator, Owens rewrites USPTO’s IT future and more

Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Four simple steps to protect the US from hackers – Gartner is forecasting an additional 8% cyber spend by firms in 2013, already. As well, the barrier to entry for hacking has been lowered (as Matt and I discussed in yesterday’s podcast, here). Geoff […]

Centripetal Networks Provides Internet Scale Cyber Defense

  Note: CTOvision publisher Bob Gourley is on the board of Centripetal Networks. Centripetal Networks is a firm with dramatically virtuous technology. The core capability of Centripetal Networks is a product called the RuleGate.  It is a very high performance TCP/IP packet filter able to make decisions in real time on whether to let pass/forward, drop […]