We are early into the disruptions being kicked off by cyptocurrencies and blockchain technologies enabled approaches, which means it is a great time for mind-expanding visions of what these capabilities can do. We are kicking off a series of reports here in our new section on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies to help executives make the most of these new solutions.



Thiel, Hoffman, and Spiderman Ethics

The tech world is great for those that love to learn. Things are changing fast so learning is critical. One of the great ways to learn is to track the words of the creators of tech. Two of the great tech investor/creators, Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman, recently sat down for a discussion moderated by […]

CTOvision Tech News 6 Feb 2018

News this week reaffirmed the disruptive power of cloud computing, in many ways. One way was in the announcement by Google that their Google Cloud, which includes G Suite and Google Cloud Platform, is  now a $1B per quarter business. Huge of course, but that is not nearly as large as the powerhouse at Amazon […]

CTOvision Tech News 30 Jan 2018

This week we learned that Apple is working on new Macs. And this is exciting for us Mac fans. But story after story this week reminded us that we are living in a mobile world. Reports below cover a range of mobile stories including reports on how fitness tracking was revealing secret military installations, details […]

The Three Big Trends in 2018 That Will Matter When Doing Business in Europe

Having a crystal ball that predicts future trends would be immensely helpful for American tech CEOs to plot the optimum course and avoid speed bumps when it comes to doing business next year.  So consider this a start in that direction by identifying three developments that will be a challenge unless companies are aware and […]

Could blockchains rattle ECM?

Blockchains first entered public consciousness as a means of managing crypto-currency, but as the use cases broaden what might be the impact on enterprise content management? SER’s Alexandra Lilienthal suggests that discounting the model’s potential in ECM may be shortsighted There may still be some significant challenges to overcome, but blockchains – used originally to […]

Game Changing Business Software for Your Company

When companies start to grow, they often start to look at upgrading the original software systems that they started out with. Because recent productivity software packages have migrated to the cloud, it can be deceptively easy to convert your users to an online set of services like accounting that you pay a monthly fee for. […]