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Technologies To See At DoDIIS

The DoDIIS Conference is almost upon us. August 12-15, 2018, members of the defense intelligence community will gather in Omaha for several days to listen to the latest in mission needs and requirements from key government leaders and to witness demonstrations of cutting edge IT on a very well attended expo floor.

If you have not registered to attend yet do so now here: 2018 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

One of the challenges we have mentioned before is the overwhelming amount of innovation that will be on the expo floor. We recommend everyone put thought into who to spend time with before the event. We recommend reviewing the full list of exhibitors to get a gist of who is going to be there, then refine your intent on who to spend time with by considering your requirements and how these firms might potentially address them. It is also important to build in time for serendipity of course, but a bit of planning in advance can make this a much more productive conference.

As another input to your planning we reviewed every company with an eye towards potential positive/disruptive innovation in national security missions. idea of where you should spend your time. The list of who you see should be shaped by your own requirements of course, but we have a list below that may help. The list below are the tech firms we want to bring your attention to. In my view they are coming with innovations that could be very positive for the many important missions of defense intelligence.


The CTOvision List Of Must See Tech At DoDIIS

  • Alteryx: We like Alteryx for their focus on ease of use for business intelligence use cases, especially around self-service data analytics.
  • Amazon Web Services: We all know them but with their continuous innovation it is important to track the latest. Ask them about Kinesis for data and video.
  • Appian: They enable any company to be a software company. Would love to see more of this in government agencies.
  • Atlassian: Every developer seems to love them, largely because they remove friction in fielding real capabilities. Great collaboration for techies.
  • Attivo Networks: Advanced deception technology.
  • Anomali: Threat intelligence identifying threats to networks.
  • Basis Technology: Continues to innovate around language.
  • Blue Prism: Pioneers in robotic process automation and digititizing
  • Bricata: Innovative next generation intrusion prevention, detection, response
  • Carahsoft: Removing friction for government decision-makers. See at DoDIIS for access to 100's of great technologies
  • Cloudera: The absolute leader in fielding enterprise data solutions that scale and operate at speed. Modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud.
  • Data Robot: Automating tasks for data scientists. Great capability.
  • Fidelis Cybersecurity: Providing a new platform to detect, investigate and stop advanced cyber attacks.
  • Palantir: Transforming the way organizations use data.
  • Percipient.ai: Artificial Intelligence for national security missions.
  • PFP Cybersecurity: If you want to make it hard on nation states trying to hack you, use these guys.
  • Recorded Future: Fast insights into cyber threats put in context of your enterprise needs.
  • VMware: Accelerating digital transformation for the enterprise.


By the way, we track these and many other hot technology firms in the CTOvision Disruptive Technology Finder . Use that to kickstart your market research.

Appian: Accelerating digital transformation

Appian's goal is to accelerate meaningful digital transformation. They would like to enable every company to be a software company.

We get the vision. This is exactly what the world needs right now.

The Appian Platform makes it faster and easier to drive powerful business innovation through the unification of process, data, collaboration, mobility and more.

For an overview see this video:

And for deeper insights from the Appian CEO see:

Appian on Twitter

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