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Technologies To See At DoDIIS

The DoDIIS Conference is almost upon us. August 12-15, 2018, members of the defense intelligence community will gather in Omaha for several days to listen to the latest in mission needs and requirements from key government leaders and to witness demonstrations of cutting edge IT on a very well attended expo floor.

If you have not registered to attend yet do so now here: 2018 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

One of the challenges we have mentioned before is the overwhelming amount of innovation that will be on the expo floor. We recommend everyone put thought into who to spend time with before the event. We recommend reviewing the full list of exhibitors to get a gist of who is going to be there, then refine your intent on who to spend time with by considering your requirements and how these firms might potentially address them. It is also important to build in time for serendipity of course, but a bit of planning in advance can make this a much more productive conference.

As another input to your planning we reviewed every company with an eye towards potential positive/disruptive innovation in national security missions. idea of where you should spend your time. The list of who you see should be shaped by your own requirements of course, but we have a list below that may help. The list below are the tech firms we want to bring your attention to. In my view they are coming with innovations that could be very positive for the many important missions of defense intelligence.


The CTOvision List Of Must See Tech At DoDIIS

  • Alteryx: We like Alteryx for their focus on ease of use for business intelligence use cases, especially around self-service data analytics.
  • Amazon Web Services: We all know them but with their continuous innovation it is important to track the latest. Ask them about Kinesis for data and video.
  • Appian: They enable any company to be a software company. Would love to see more of this in government agencies.
  • Atlassian: Every developer seems to love them, largely because they remove friction in fielding real capabilities. Great collaboration for techies.
  • Attivo Networks: Advanced deception technology.
  • Anomali: Threat intelligence identifying threats to networks.
  • Basis Technology: Continues to innovate around language.
  • Blue Prism: Pioneers in robotic process automation and digititizing
  • Bricata: Innovative next generation intrusion prevention, detection, response
  • Carahsoft: Removing friction for government decision-makers. See at DoDIIS for access to 100's of great technologies
  • Cloudera: The absolute leader in fielding enterprise data solutions that scale and operate at speed. Modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud.
  • Data Robot: Automating tasks for data scientists. Great capability.
  • Fidelis Cybersecurity: Providing a new platform to detect, investigate and stop advanced cyber attacks.
  • Palantir: Transforming the way organizations use data.
  • Percipient.ai: Artificial Intelligence for national security missions.
  • PFP Cybersecurity: If you want to make it hard on nation states trying to hack you, use these guys.
  • Recorded Future: Fast insights into cyber threats put in context of your enterprise needs.
  • VMware: Accelerating digital transformation for the enterprise.


By the way, we track these and many other hot technology firms in the CTOvision Disruptive Technology Finder . Use that to kickstart your market research.

Learn Best Practices and Get Practical Advice on Optimizing Enterprise Data at 2 August Cloudera Now

On 2 August 2018 Cloudera is hosting a virtual event where you can hear from some of the greats in enterprise technology about how they built data-drive organizations. The event will include special segments from people who have done big things with data, including Mark Ramsey, Chief Data Officer GSK and Jason Knuth, Data Solutions for Komatsu. Other speakers include the incredibly prescient Ray Wang, founder of Constellation Research, and favorites from Cloudera including CISO Eddie Garcia.

This event will give you knowledge fast and help accelerate your data efforts. For more on the event and to sign up see: Cloudera Now


Congrats Cloudera For Recognition as as Winner of Microsoft 2018 Partner of the Year

If you use Twitter to track trends in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics you should follow Amr Awadalla (@awadallah) and Mike Olson (@mikeolson). As co-founders of Cloudera they track AI and ML pretty closely and both post insightful content on topics of community interest. They also proudly post news of Cloudera.

In following Amr I noticed yet another great recognition for Cloudera. They have just been recognized by Microsoft as 2018 Partner of the Year for Open Source Data & AI. This award is so cool I had to share.

Congrats to the entire team at Cloudera! This recognition is absolutely deserved and is a herald of things to come.

Press release follows:

Honored for excellence with open source data and artificial intelligence implementations based on Microsoft technology

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 25, 2018 — Cloudera, Inc., (NYSE: CLDR), the modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud,  today announced it has won the Microsoft 2018 Global Partner of the Year Open Source Data & AI Award. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

“We empower our customers to extract actionable insights from massive amounts of data to differentiate and compete in today’s data economy,” said Philippe Marinier, vice president business development at Cloudera. “With our modern platform, large enterprises can use techniques like machine learning, artificial intelligence, self-serve analytics and stream processing to get maximum value from their data. We are pleased to be recognized by Microsoft as together we help organizations use data to digitally transform their business.”

Awards were presented in several categories, with winners chosen from a set of more than 2,600 entrants from 115 countries worldwide. Cloudera was recognized for providing outstanding solutions and services in Open Source Data & AI.

“Our ecosystem of partners is crucial to delivering transformative solutions, and this year’s winners have proven to be some of the finest among their peers,” said Gavriella Schuster, corporate vice president, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased to recognize Cloudera for being selected as winner of the 2018 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year award.”

The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize Microsoft partners that have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions during the past year.

Cloudera has natively supported Microsoft Azure since 2014 and has steadily developed tighter integration over the years as a gold partner in the Microsoft Partner Network program. Most recently, Cloudera announced the general availability of Cloudera Altus Data Engineering platform as a service (PaaS) on Microsoft Azure for easier development and operation of data pipelines. In addition to Altus on Azure, business analysts can ingest sensor data through the Azure IoT (Internet of Things) Hub, pull Cloudera-processed data into Microsoft SQL Server via PolyBase, and visualize insights using Microsoft Power BI for Impala. Through this integration with Microsoft, Cloudera offers businesses machine learning tools that can support large scale data analysis and predictive analytics more cost effectively.


Seems Like We Should All Thank Cloudera, Tamr, Zoomdata, Trifacta, Kinetica For Helping GSK Help Humanity

Jessica Davis just published a piece at Information Week reviewing an architecture Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) put in place to help make drug development and fielding faster. Creating new drugs always takes years, and after they are created it takes years more to get them fielded.

Mark Ramsey is the chief data officer at GSK. He and his team have some incredible goals regarding speeding drug development times. They intend on helping GSK reduce what is normally an 8 to 20 year timeline to 2 years. The GSK approach has been to design in ways that break down data-flow barriers.

GSK has not achieved their goal yet, but are well on their way. The architecture they put in place to do it is based on great technologies, most of which CTOvision has reported on in the past. The foundation of the GSK platform is based on Cloudera. Others include Tamr, Zoomdata, Trifacta, Kinetica.

From Information Week:

Ramsey's data and analytics stack includes multiple technologies, with the foundation based on Cloudera's Hadoop

"That's our primary data and information platform -- the source where we store our curated data and our analytics processes." The stack also includes Kafka and Spark. Other technologies include StreamSets for data ingestion (which has been completely automated with bots), Tamr for machine learning data curation, Trifacta for data wrangling, and AtScale for virtualization across environments. AtScale lets users leverage familiar BI tools for insights from the Hadoop environment. GSK also uses Zoomdata for data visualization, Docker for some of its containerization, Kinetica for GPU-based analytics, and Waterline Data for storage and search. The total solution amounts to more than 5 petabytes of data, all on-premises.

The community should keep watching this one for lots of reasons. One is that GSK is in business to help humanity out. So if their architecture helps them help us it is something we should all have an interest in helping improve. And to the extent GSK will share lessons on their architecture it is something others can replicate.

It is also good seeing which technologies were put in place by GSK. This public recognition of great firms with enterprise grade technology is something that all these firms should be proud of and all enterprise technologies can consider an endorsement by the market.

Stay in the loop and our other enterprise IT reporting with our Enterprise IT Newsletters. 



Cloudera: Extract Benefit From All Your Data

Cloudera delivers a modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud. Cloudera was founded in 2008 by some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley, including data thought leaders and experts from Google (Christophe Bisciglia), Yahoo! (Amr Awadallah), Oracle (Mike Olson), and Facebook (Jeff Hammerbacher). The founders held at their core the belief that open source, open standards and open markets are the best and that belief is still central to their values. From their beginning as the company making Apache Hadoop safe for enterprises they quickly evolved to provide a full platform for most all modern enterprise data needs, from storage to processing to analysis. They have the widest and deepest instal base in the ecosystem and a large array of partners who have engineered solutions designed to work well together.

For an introduction to their modern data platform see:

For more on Cloudera see: http://cloudera.com

Cloudera on Twitter

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