My Thoughts on the Apple Tablet

The Apple iTablet or iSlate is due to be shown off to the world January 27th, and unleashed on us sometime in March.  The blogosphere has been buzzing about the topic.  Joe Wilcox of said “The world doesn’t need an Apple Tablet, or any other”  (full post here).  MG of TechCrunch followed up with […]

A Reaction to the iPad

WOW.  What a letdown.  I can not believe that this was the subject of endless hype.  Here are the quick stats (if you haven’t found them somewhere else). A4 1GHz Processor 16GB ($499), 32GB ($599), or 64GB ($699) Flash Memory WI-FI enabled, 3G for $129.99 iPhone OS 4 20 Pin Apple Interface 1024×768 Capacitive Touchscreen […]

Google Apps: They keep adding cool features

While the entire tech world seemed focused on Apple during the iPad rollout, Google just kept serving in silence, keeping the innovation engines running without distraction. I sure enjoyed the iPad rollout.  Although I was a little underwhelmed, I enjoyed watching the presentation and reading about it and enjoyed some good editorials by friends on […]

The iPad is the Ultimate Thin Client

In my earlier post, when I railed against the iPad, it was mostly personal disappointment and letdown.  I was disappointed by the technical specs, most notably the aspect ratio, and the exclusion of USB, HDMI, and webcams.  Those items can all be added on in later iterations (which I firmly believe they will – perhaps […]

7 Differentiators of Notion Ink's Adam Tablet

In mid February, Notion Ink released completed specs on their Adam tablet (here).  It did not receive the attention that Steve Jobs did with the Apple iPad, but in my estimation it is the far superior device.   Apple has the ecosystem to back their products with a large application catalog.  Apple also has the […]

A Few Questions to Ask yourself before you Order the iPhone 4

Last week, Steve Jobs released Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 4.  It is without a doubt a stunning piece of engineering and design.  I, for one, certainly find it the most attractive iPhone yet.  The new iPhone has the same A4 processor as the iPad, and a “retina display” screen.  The new screen has packed more pixels into […]