Amazon Swoops in to Acquire Twitch


If you have not heard of Twitch, it is a videogame-streaming company that enables gamers to upload videos of gameplay, watch gameplay from other users, and chat about different tactics, strategies, and achievements. Three months ago, the young company made headlines on many major American news sources following many reports that Google planned to acquire […]

Amazon’s App Store for the Physical World


Technologists love talking about the future and its “Internet of Things,” or the increasing interaction between the physical and cyber worlds. With the introduction of wearables, flyables, driveables, and even eatables, the convergence of physical and cyber systems has never been more pronounced. And with major retailers like Amazon joining the fray, the Internet of Things […]

Amazon Releases Smartphone Fire


Although the number of smartphone users has exploded in recent years, not too many companies have successfully established themselves as major players in the smartphone market. In April, Amazon revealed its intention of wading into the smartphone market this Summer, and last week Amazon debuted its Fire smartphone, which boasts some impressive features and specs. […]

Amazon to Enter the Smartphone Market


We have recently written about the release of Amazon’s (NASDAQ: AMZN ) Fire TV – the world’s largest Internet retailer is continuing to develop hardware, providing users with more devices to access its troves of music, shows, games, and movies. An April article from the Wall Street Journal has revealed that Amazon intends add smartphones to the […]

Amazon Hopeful that Fire TV will Spread


Amazon released another new service – Fire TV – to further penetrate the home entertainment market. While an Amazon Prime account already provides members access to thousands of free TV episodes and movies through a web browser, Fire TV is a small black box that allows owners to watch Amazon videos on their HDTVs. With […]

Did Amazon knock one out of the park with the Kindle Fire HDX?


Last week, Jeff Bezos and Amazon released their updated Kindle Fire HD. I have been waiting to see how Amazon would react to the new Google/Asus Nexus 7 (which was quite a hit), but was honestly quite surprised with the quality of the product that Amazon has released. Coupled with their Fire OS 3.0 (based […]