CNO Part 2: Computer Network Defense

This is the second installation on my series about Computer Network Operations (CNO).  The last blog explored the actions known as Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), and as always, please feel free to comment.  Today, the topic switches from exploitation to defense. Computer Network Defense (CND): Includes actions taken via computer networks to protect, monitor, analyze, […]

Planning continues for the Government-Industry Computer Security Summit

Two weeks ago we pre-announced the Government-Industry Computer Security Summit. On 28 September 2011 a small number of cyber innovators, computer security practitioners and information assurance experts will gather in an attempt to map out new paths for positive change in the cyber security dynamic.This summit seeks dramatically enhance the state of security and […]

Cyberattack as Covert Action

Most of what we see in day-to-day cybersecurity is not cyberwar, or the perennial threat of the ‘digital Pearl Harbor.’  Crime, espionage, political vandalism, and military “long-range cyber-reconaissance”–rather than kinetic targeting that kills, damages, or disables–are more mundane, day-to-day concerns. National Defense University’s Samuel Liles does make a persuasive case that much of cyberwar exists mainly on […]

Crying "Cyber Attack" in Illinois

Earlier this month, a pump burned out mysteriously at a water plant in Springfield, Illinois. Log data traced the problem back several months to a command from an IP address in Russia that forced the pump to turn on and off repeatedly until it broke. When this news was leaked to the media from a […]

The Cybersecurity "Wake Up Call" and the Snooze Button

While Alex has dealt rather masterfully with the consequences of the trumped-up Russian SCADA hacking incident, I’d like to point to a different aspect of it: the cybersecurity “wake up call.” The Springfield incident was immediately called a “wake up call” for cybersecurity practitioners. Of course, we now know that it was not a cyber […]

The Cyber Power Index

The Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton recently released their Cyber Power Index, which compares the G20 countries in their ability to resist cyber attacks while simultaneously leveraging information technology in their economy. The nations are ranked based on 39 indicators combined into 4 weighted attributes: Legal and Regulatory Framework, Economic and Social […]