Enterprise Partner Group Cloud Partner of the Year Award

Hortonworks has just announced that they have won the Enterprise Partner Group Cloud Partner of the Year award at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, held in Orlando. Hortonworks has been recognized for their efforts of bringing the benefits of Apache Hadoop to Microsoft Azure and Windows. Offering Hadoop for hybrid cloud architectures, Hortonworks delivers enterprise grade solutions […]

Wunderlist Joins Microsoft


Tuesday, June 2 Microsoft and Wunderlist announced their joining of forces. I’ve been using and recommending Wunderlist to others for months and can see why Microsoft was so interested in them. Now we all have to hope Microsoft keeps Wunderlist focused on what matters most to us. Here is the news: Microsoft has indeed added Wunderlist […]

Informatica: the Data Integration Company, Provides Innovation Towards a More Data-Centric World


Informatica provides data integration software. Their products help with data integration, replication, virtualization, masking, and quality. Their flagship product is Vibe, a virtual data machine which is an “embeddable data management engine that powers Informatica’s Intelligent Data Platform and can access, aggregate, and manage any type of data.” Watch this quick introduction on what Vibe […]

Revolution Analytics, A Statistical Software Company, Now Part Of Microsoft


First announced at both Revolution Analytics’ and Microsoft’s blogs, on 23 Jan 2015, the purchase of Revolution Analytics by Microsoft was done in order to help customers “find big data value with advanced statistical analysis.” Revolution Analytics has been offering support and services for R since 2007, when it first started as Revolution Computing. Since then, they […]

Free 5 Feb Workshop Explores Using Sharepoint to Bridge the Gap Between Policy and Technology


As technology executives, we’re often challenged with managing policy requirements and keeping up with technology to support them, while working with limited budgets and a shallow pool of qualified staff.  DataPoint Solutions is hosting a free workshop to address these challenges in the form of four briefings, outlining how processes can be automated and streamlined by […]

Insider’s Guide to the New Holographic Computing


Editor’s note: we saw this post on Lewis Shepherd’s blog (ShepherdsPi.com) and requested Lewis share it with you here. -bg In my seven happy years at Microsoft before leaving a couple of months ago, I was never happier than when I was involved in a cool “secret project.” Last year my team and I contributed for […]