A look ahead: Some technology developments to expect in 2009

2008 was a year of rapid changes for Chief Technology Officers.  We should expect 2009 to move even faster.  Where will the biggest trends take us?  I offer some considerations below.  Please look these over and give me your thoughts.   Push back if you have disagreement. First, my overall advice for CTOs in 2009… […]

CTOs, Global Cyberwar and Our Collective Future

If you are a technologist, please take a moment to download the PDF of the report by the U.S. Commission on Cybersecurity.  This report, titled Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency, is the best proclamation of the challenges of cyber I have read.  It is also a roadmap that will help any trying to navigate […]

One to watch regarding standards and security

In May 2008 I provided an overview of Standards Organizations CTOs Should Track.  Standards groups don’t change that fast, so the list is still pretty much ok, but I was very light on industry consortia.  Industry groups can play a large role in setting and implementing standards.  Industry reps send the majority of thinkers to […]

Thin Client Laptops: Functionality, Security, Mobility

For the past few weeks I’ve been using a unique device — a totally stateless laptop. It is the Tadpole M1400 Ultra-Thin Client Wireless Sun Ray. Here are some things this device can enable for enterprise users: Enhanced security.  If the laptop is lost/stolen/attacked no data is lost.  The data is never in the laptop, […]

Wall Street Crisis, Enterprise Technology and Cloud Computing

I just read a great overview on “The Tech Fallout from the Wall Street Crisis” posted by Rich Miller at the Data Center Knowledge site.   Here are four of the six key points Rich makes: North American financial companies will slash their IT spending 27.3 percent to $17.6 billion next year, down from $24.2 billion […]

Microsoft Surface uses Jet to accelerate demand

This is the third of three blog posts on technologies encountered during my visit to Redmond. This one is on Microsoft Surface. (First a note:  although this is about Surface, Microsoft also announced another hot capability called Sphere.  For more on that see the blog of the CTO of Microsoft’s Institute for Advanced Technology in […]