One to watch regarding standards and security

In May 2008 I provided an overview of Standards Organizations CTOs Should Track.  Standards groups don’t change that fast, so the list is still pretty much ok, but I was very light on industry consortia.  Industry groups can play a large role in setting and implementing standards.  Industry reps send the majority of thinkers to […]

Disruptive Technologies List Updated

The list of the positive technologies I believe all enterprise Chief Technology Officer s should be tracking has now been updated.  Please check it out at: I try to keep this list up by remaining in dialog with enterprise CTO s and soliciting their feedback on the list.  I also keep watching what the […]

Open Source Databases

All indications are the next significant growth segment for open source software will be in databases. This follows the trend of open source operating systems (Open Solaris and Linux). Two open source databases of note are Hadoop and MySQL. Hadoop is not for everyone. It is a very powerful open source software focused on highly scalable […]

Open Source Software: More reasons it is more secure

Software designed by open source standards has security built in and has been found to be fielded with far fewer faults per unit of code than proprietary development houses.  There are many reasons for this.  This factor is especially true when the open source code is commercially supported.  For example, Linux, which has the strength […]

Federal Cyber Security: Missions, Initiatives, Opportunities and Risks

Are you striving to know more about federal approaches to cyber security?  In what looks to be one of the best conferences on this topic for 2011, the American Institute of Engineers (AIE) and the Technology Training Corporation (TTC) are presenting  Cyber Security: Missions, Initiatives, Opportunities and Risks in Washington DC from 16-18 March 2011. […]

The Future of Hadoop in Bioinformatics

Earlier, I wrote on the use of Hadoop in the exciting, evolving field of Bioinformatics. I have since had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Ron Taylor of Pacific Northwest National Library, the author of “An overview of the Hadoop/MapReduce/HBase framework and its current applications in bioinformatics”, on what’s changed in the half-year since its […]