BlackRidge Tech

New cyber defense that is military proven – cloak servers and stop cyber attacks on the first packet with identity-based network security. Partners: IBM, Ciena. For more see: BlackRidge Technology

IBM: Technology for both enterprises and the startup world

One reason to track IBM (NYSE:IBM) is to watch as they react to the threats from firms like Amazon.  What Amazon has done in Cloud Computing is absolutely incredible and it really helped wake up IBM to the need to innovate in this area. But IBM also invests a great deal in their own internal R&D […]

Women in Cybersecurity: Reducing the Gender Gap Part III

This is the third post in a three part blog post on the Women in Cybersecurity Conference that took place March 31st through April 2nd in Dallas, Texas. The first keynote for the final day of the Women in Cybersecurity conference was Shelley Westman. Westman had a long road that ultimately led her to where she is today, […]

InterConnect 2016: IBM’s Examination Of All Things Cloud, AI, Mobility, Big Data, Robotics, IoT, Cyber

InterConnect 2016 is 21-25 February at the MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (side note: this event attracts so many forward thinking technologists and business leaders that there are very few venues large enough to hold it). This event is a great way to learn from peers in the business and technology community, […]

ICYMI: The Watson Story

The video at this link and embedded below captures the back story on Watson’s participation on Jeopardy! It is worth watching for historical context on the research behind the IBM system and some of the interesting stories around how it was brought to life.

The IBM Press Release on Spark That Every Tech Leader Should Read

IBM just announced a major new push around Apache Spark. You know Spark, the free and open source complement to Apache Hadoop that gives enterprises better ability to field fast, unified applications that combine multiple workloads, including streaming over all your data. For years it has seemed like IBM was giving lip-service to Spark while emphasizing capabilities […]